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Lymphatic Drainage Slacks Creek QLD

The main role of your lymphatic system is to strengthen and support the immune system by eliminating dead cells, bacteria and toxins from your body. If for some reason, your lymphatic system isn't functioning as it should, this could cause a blockage of toxins that need to be expelled from the body. A lymphatic massage, or lymphatic drainage, helps move the blockage along so that proteins, fats and vitamins can travel freely throughout the body.

How Does Lymphatic Massage Work?

Our massage therapist will perform a thorough initial consultation to determine your individual needs, Lymphatic massage is deeply relaxing and is begun in the neck with no massage oils. This style of massage is centred around gentle and pain free rhythmic techniques. Once our therapist moves from the neck, they will begin moving further to the extremities to increase efficiency in the lympholic system.

What Can Lymphatic Massages Help With?

Because of it's gentle, soothing nature, lymphatic massages can be performed on anyone from any age group. It can be used as a treatment following an accident or surgery, an anti inflammatory for acne and burns and a way to provide relief for people suffering from fluid retention.

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