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Dry Needling Slacks Creek QLD

Dry needling is a quick and effective form of treatment for alleviating and preventing pain. Although commonly mistaken as a form of acupuncture, dry needling is based on Western medicine and not Chinese. It is a technique used purely for musculo-skeletal conditions, much in the same way as a massage, dry needling increases blood supply to the tissue but with a fine needle the practitioner is able to achieve pin point accuracy.

How Does Dry Needling Work?

Dry needling works by gently inserting fine needles into a painful or knotted muscle, promoting muscle relaxation and tissue rejuvenation to reduce pain and discomfort. The needles are carefully manipulated to illicit a 'twitch' response. This twitch response means the muscle is releasing. Twisting the needle can also provide a myofascial stretch to the tissue. It's very rare for any bleeding or bruising to occur during or after a session as the needles are incredibly fine - ranging from 0.16mm to 0.30mm in diameter.

What Should I Expect?

Don't worry, there's no pain when the needles are inserted - most clients report a slight 'cramp-like' sensation at most (although each experience is different depending on the sensitivity of the individual). Healthy muscles typically feel nothing when the needle is inserted.

Why Dry Needling Works

The twitch response is more than just a muscle contraction, it's the response your body gives to the small injury when the needles are inserted. Once this response has been illicited, the brain begins replacing the damaged tissue with new tissue. Dry needling is most effective as part of a broader treatment plan as it plays a key role in the rehabilitation process by enhancing circulation, reducing inflammation and relaxing muscle tissue.

What Conditions Can Be Treated With Dry Needle Therapy?

Dry needling can be used for:

- Acute Injuries
- Muscle Spasms
- Muscle Pattern Imbalance
- Pins and Needles
- Back and Neck Pain
- Muscular Tightness or Tears
- Shin Splints
- Sporting Injuries

At Chinese Massage Slacks Creek, our specialist practitioners first conduct a full assessment to determine the best possible treatment plan for you. Dry needling is often utilised alongside more hands on techniques to ensure a speedy recovery. For more information or to organise your dry needling session in Slacks Creek, contact Vini today!

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